5 Reasons

In this day and age, it is so important to have self-sufficiency. How you define sufficiency is dependent on your needs and expenses that help you live a comfortable life. The idea of “security” is fading and with the direction of our economy, it is dangerous to be dependent on someone or a system to fulfill your needs long term. For this post, I am going to talk about the five reasons why you should be pursuing the path to self-sufficiency.

1) Freedom from manipulation.

  • This isn’t always the case but when you become dependent on another person or a system to cover your needs, that person or thing now has a “hold” on you. This can lead to manipulation and guilt within yourself to do certain things that you may not be comfortable with or it may cause dysfunction in different areas of your life. While it is a blessing to receive, doing this in an excessive manner can hinder the process of your growth.

 2)   Balance

  • When we take responsibility for our lives, we are able to recognize the good and bad aspects that give us balance. By being self-sufficient, we are able to go through these lessons that bring back us into perspective.

 3) Knowing your worth.

  • When you push yourself to be the best person you can be and you know your strengths, you won’t just settle for anyone in a friendship or relationship. By becoming self-sufficient, you are more confident in seeking others who recognize what you bring to the table and support you in your vision.

  4)  Satisfaction.

  • It is a great feeling knowing that you are the one who is funding and providing for the lifestyle you live. Not only does this make you resourceful and resilient, it also makes you feel good too.

  5) Legacy.

  • Leaving a legacy of working hard and being self-sufficient to friends and family is one of the ways you can serve the world. This quality is applicable in every field or path that you may choose to pursue.

Being self-sufficient doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself, especially if you have a family or in a circumstance that requires assistance. We speak about self-sufficiency in the context of being by yourself. The main takeaway from this post is that you have to learn to take care of yourself so if you find yourself in a situation where you have to, you know exactly what to do. What are your opinions on self-sufficiency? And what are other qualities or reasons you think are important that we didn’t list? We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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