Ego:Intuition Blog Post

Two terms that may have come up if you read any spiritual/consciousness book are ego and intuition. The purpose of the ego is to separate and judge. The purpose of intuition is unity and peace. In many of the books, we have read the ego has received a negative connotation and is something that isn’t good for personal growth. So does that mean that in order to live an “enlightened” life we must dissociate from the ego completely? We don’t think so here is why…..

 Spirituality in itself is ever changing just like the world is. Spiritual concepts such as the ego and intuition are often discussed like it is  “black” or “white”. Examples are we should only take in the intuition and ignore the ego or that we should only focus on the positive and ignore the negative. We are human not robots. Our perspective shapes our reality and not everyone shares the same perspective. We need to embrace every aspect of our lives because there are lessons in everything. If we acknowledge our egoic state and intuitive state it will make us appreciate it more and become aware of where we need to grow and continually expand.

In the grand scheme of things, there is nothing “bad” about any of us. We put these labels on ourselves based on socialization and expectations from family or friends. Every circumstance that we take on in our lives is meant to make us more of ourselves. It is all about perspective and how you choose to see it.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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