As a recap in the first part of this series, we discussed the how it important it was to organize and plan before creating and implementing a practice. We described a step by step process which starts in your inner world and then translates to your outer world. For the second part of this series, we will be discussing the accountability side of your practice and what to do when you question the intentions and actions of your practice.

Before we mentioned that if you veer off your “to dos” activities simply just get back on track. We focused on the importance of consistency rather than perfection. A situation you may run into is that you don’t do a certain activity for more than a week’s time. If this happens then you should re evaluate the purpose of that certain actions and make adjustments. It’s perfectly okay to change your mind or plan. Our values will change over time and adjusting is all part of the process. To help with the inevitable transition we recommend you do a weekly progress report for yourself. In this progress report, you ask questions such as…

Weekly Progress Report Questions:

Did I enjoy the activities done this week?

Have I seen any progress from doing any of these things?

What potential activities can I add to make this practice even more effective?

As you move along in your practice it’s important to switch things up. We value presence and focusing on the day to day but to build a sustainable practice you must be innovative. As you do more of the same thing it may still give you the results you want but it won’t help with your expansion in the long run. As you get more comfortable with your practice and you start getting the results you want to find ways you can elevate your practice that is aligned with your purpose so you can reach new heights.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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