Today is the day! It’s Christmas! We hope you all are enjoying your day with loved ones and filling your day with activities you enjoy (such as eating piles of food). Phrieda and I will probably be up early making the holiday (vegan) dishes we planned days before. We know that some may not be blogging or posting anything new as Christmas drew near but we wanted to share with you the themes that come up during the holidays for us. As we have gotten older Christmas has become less and less about the material things but about being present and enjoying what we already have. We know it sounds cliche but for a while, we felt that there was something always missing when during the holidays. We saw others spending time with their family and relatives and sharing traditions that have been passed down. Personally, for us, we have rarely spent time with our relatives because they don’t reside in the United States and it has been a while that we have had a Christmas where a family member is missing. Our Christmas didn’t fit in with what “everyone else” was doing and we felt that we were missing out.

Over the years we have learned that appreciating what we have now and the time we get to spend with those who are there now are important. We learned that it’s perfectly okay to create your own traditions and rituals. We don’t have to be like “everyone else”. As long as we are joyful and happy around those who matter is all that matters.

Again we hope you have a Merry Christmas with those who mean the most!

Happy Holidays,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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