Everyone has a value system. It simply is a set of things you value and what you do on your “free time” is dictated by it. We did a post on the importance of your values and provided a simple checklist (here). So a question that you might be wondering is there a particular set of values that are better to have? For this week’s post, we will be discussing value systems and why there is no “right” set of value systems.

With the influence of social media certain types of values have been pushed and favored. Values that are mainly materialistic.There is nothing wrong with that if it is something you truly value. Values are subjective and are something that is personal to you. Just because someone’s values are different doesn’t mean they are better. We observed on social media particularly Instagram and Twitter that there are others who bash others for not following certain values as they do. When doing that people don’t realize everyone doesn’t have the same value system as you and you are projecting your beliefs and values on to others.

This is rooted in the idea in society that if you don’t value a certain set of ideas or beliefs that you are inferior compared to others. When we are content with a set of ideas that serve us it’s easy for us to project it unto others because it works so well for us. It’s not in our place to judge or ridicule others for their value systems. We are guilty of doing this and once we are aware of doing it we remind ourselves of the balance present around us. All value systems have a place in this universe and make what the universe is today.

The main take away is that our value systems are personal and unique. What may serve someone else may not serve you and that’s okay. Rather than rejecting their value systems appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of others and their value systems.

What is your value system? Let us know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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