You may be wondering from the title why we decided to name our value checklist as “val-you checklist”. The meaning behind it is our “val-yous” are personal and unique to you. With the influence of social media and other platforms, we tend to identify with the values of others because they are “successful” and “happy”. It makes senses as humans we crave three things love, safety, and belonging. When we see these influencers get lots of support and abundance we want to have a part of that too which is why some take on the values of others when they don’t resonate with it. Long term you will feel unfulfilled and frustrated.

Your “val-yous” should revolve around your own truth and how you want to spend your time in every area of your life. According to Dr. John Demartini, the seven areas of life are mental, financial, vocational, spiritual, social, physical, and familial. We all have “val-yous” in each of these areas of our life. In the worksheet attached to this post, these will be listed along with a set of questions to ask yourself.

The questions on this worksheet are:

What is the activity in this category?: This is simply asking what you like to do in one or more of the seven areas of life. 

How do you feel when doing this activity?: This goes along with your intentions and feeling when doing this activity. This question is meant to help gauge if this is something you truly enjoy doing or not.

On a scale to 1 (unimportant) – 5 (most important) where does this activity fall?: This is will help you organize and see where you like to spend most of your time based on the seven areas. Typically anything that ranks 3 or higher is considered a val-you and 2 or lower is considered a low priority activity.

If you want access to the Val-You Checklist click here

Let us know what your val-yous are in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda





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