Why You Can't Solve All Your Problems

When we strive for a goal we usually want it to solve a problem or many problems we are having. We work on a goal with the intention of being fulfilled and having no problems. So this brings us to the question what does it mean to be fulfilled? For most, it will be to have a “perfect” life with no problems or worry. That simply isn’t possible. As mentioned in a previous post the law of duality consists of two extremes, in this context, its solutions, and problems. As long as you keep growing you will continue to have solutions and problems. It’s a part of life and with both particularly problems are where pearls of wisdom lie.

As these solutions and problems arise it’s unrealistic to say that we will be positive and happy when going through them we won’t. It’s normal to not be happy 100% and completely healthy. We can’t enjoy the wholeness of your life while experiencing or acknowledging half of our emotions. As we elevate or move further along on our journey we will be faced with “bigger” challenges.

When we face our problems head on its sometimes difficult to “see” them. Our first mechanism is to “get over it”. Which often means to not understanding the problem and trying to remove it from our memory. Our problems arise so we can understand and neutralize it rather than “getting over it”. Transmute your problems to help grow and understand your wholeness. Even though society portrays one sided lives we should continue to find new problems (and solutions) to further our expansion.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda  

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