When you think about minimalism you probably thinking about throwing or giving away most of your stuff and living frugally. While this may serve people we believe that any value we have starts internally and translates externally.

When we think of minimalism we think about keeping any values or things that serve you. Rather than putting a priority on quantity, you look at quality. The idea of throwing away or giving away things makes it seem that you are suppressing aspects of yourself. We are not saying that you hoard things, you will most likely throw things away, it is just that you should focus on the things that serve you and not falling into the pressure of mainstream minimalism and live “frugally”. As we have mentioned before there are seven main areas of life. According to Dr. John Demartini, the seven areas of life are mental, financial, vocational, spiritual, social, physical and familial. We all have values and things that fall into these seven categories.

The result of socialization has put pressure to only show “a right” way to do something. With minimalism, there is no right way only what serves you is “right”. Mainstream media has only shown one way of what minimalism is and not embracing anything different.

To be a modern minimalist is to keep what is serving you and valuing quality rather than quantity.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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