Perspective and Circumstance SC

With every circumstance comes a perspective. It’s up to you what perspective you take on and how it affects you. In Carol Dweck’s Mindset, she discussed fixed and growth mindset. Fixed mindset is thinking a situation is permanent and nothing can be changed. Those with a fixed mindset “take on” the outcomes of the situation and dwell on it subconsciously. The growth mindset is acknowledging outcomes of a situation and using that information to grow and improve. As mentioned before in other posts every circumstance is feedback and you choose how you perceive the circumstance and how you phrase the outcomes of circumstance is pivotal. Below we will describe an example:

I have failed:

I am a failure:

With the phrases the first one, it signifies that one has acknowledged the outcome of a situation but doesn’t take on failure in the subconscious like the second phrase. Our brain is powerful and what we feed it is how we will perceive every other aspect of circumstances of your reality.

A way to track your perspective of your circumstances is to write down the “story” of your circumstances and see if it is congruent with a fixed or growth mindset.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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