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Happiness is what we’re all striving for and it comes in many forms. For some they want to be fulfilled in their careers, have satisfying relationships, serve people in any way they can, or create a legacy they leave behind for their family. The reason we embark on any pursuit is that it gives us joy and happiness. As the human collective continues to evolve, we are shifting towards embracing individualism and no longer engaging in things or people that bring down our spirits. But in order to align ourselves with our greatest desires and life purpose here on Earth, we have to let go of certain habits.



1) Choose your battles. Sometimes it’s better to be right and sometimes it’s better to keep it in your mind.


  • If you’re the argumentative type, this is especially for you. While it may seem satisfying to the ego, you’ve got a lot of the need to be right. Not only does create an imbalance within you, it can also lead to ignorance of things you “think” you have a good grasp on. Listen to other people’s perspectives, you might actually learn something. Stroking your ego isn’t worth destroying your relationships and creating unwanted stress in your life.

   2)    Get rid of the grudges.

  • This is a tough one. Releasing the resentment doesn’t mean that you are condoning the actions of the ones that hurt you but rather seeing the situation for what it is and not attaching it as part of your identity. You are not what someone did to you. By letting go of the bitterness, you free up the energy to focus on what you love.


   3)    Let the Universe do its thing.

  • Sometimes when we try to control every little aspect of the desired outcome, we’re actually pushing it further away. Trust that everything will unravel the way you want them to and accept that there might be some bumps and hills on the way but you’re going to get there.


    4)   Comparison kills.

  • Each time you compare yourself to someone else, you are diminishing your own light. We are all individuals and bring our uniqueness to this world. Be grateful for your strengths and perceived weaknesses and continue striving to become the best version of yourself.


    5)   Ditch the beliefs that don’t serve your current paradigm.

  • Just because you’ve held on to a particular belief system doesn’t mean it’s permanently attached to you forever. Like the seasons, our values will change. And holding to things that don’t resonate with you anymore only act as chains that hinder your growth.


    6)   Stop the self-sabotage.

  • Listen to the things you tell yourself. Words carry energy. Stop hurting yourself by feeding the negative mindset. Shift your mind to a more positive attitude and change the way you give yourself a pep talk.


 7)    Cut the criticism.

  • Release the need to criticize anything that isn’t compatible with your value system. Acknowledge that everyone has their differences and that it doesn’t make your or theirs any more right or wrong. Everyone is simply living out their truth and it is expressed in various forms.


 8)    Forget the blame game.


  • Blaming others only gives them more of your power. Hold yourself accountable and take responsibility for your actions.


 9)    Eradicate the excuses.

  • Stop looking for the reasons why you can’t. There are only limiting your ability to grow. What we think are perceived challenges are really mechanisms to get us out of pursuing what we truly want because of fear. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong rather think about what could go right.


10)   Living for the satisfaction of others.

  • When you live based on other people’s expectations rather than your own, you are bound to experience resentment towards those people. Sacrificing yourself for the sake of others is not worth it. You are here to express yourself freely and what others think or don’t think about your choices is ultimately up to them. You are the founder of your life and craft the experiences you desire.

What are some of the ways you preserve your happiness? Is it related to what we just listed or do you take a different approach? We would love to hear your perspective on how you maintain or get back to the state of happiness.


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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