Attracting Opposites- 2 Ways It Serves You SC


We have mentioned before that we create our own reality. If you have started on your journey and have come across attracting people who seem to be different than you are and confused on why that happens? You make think this is a bad thing and that it doesn’t help with your journey well you are wrong…..

Everyone’s journey is different but there are many universal laws that are non-negotiable. One of the laws is the Law of Duality. The law of duality states that everything has a complementary opposite within the whole. Which means that each “thing” has 2 extremes. As mentioned in previous posts we have explained that everything has duality. We may not show it but we all express it in our own way.

So when you attract someone or something that isn’t ideal for you there are 3 ways you can look at it.


  • Growth: You can look at it from a place of growth. If you attract a person and situation, do a self-reflection on how you felt the past couple of days. This will help be aware of your emotions and thoughts. By doing this you will be aware of the balance within your life.
  • Appreciation: This ties in with growth. As you become aware of your thoughts and emotions you come to appreciate the outcomes of your frequency. Experiencing the manifestations of those thoughts and emotions helps you get back into alignment. And for that, you can appreciate the Universe bringing balance into your life.


We hope this helps and would love to hear your perspective on this topic in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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