For this weeks Friday Thoughts we wanted to discuss alcohol. Not just alcohol but the actions of others when having a “couple of drinks”. Recently there have been influencers who have done things that were “out of character” but many of them justify it by saying they had a “couple of drinks”. Essentially blaming alcohol for their actions and not taking responsibility. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t an excuse. When you consent to drink you are also acknowledging that you take responsibility for your actions. Alcohol has been known to surface any suppressing emotions and actions that people wouldn’t otherwise do or say “sober”. You are your actions regardless if you are sober or drunk.

There have been many instances on social media of those who have said something offensive and justify it that they were drunk and that their “emotions” took over trying to distance themselves from those actions even though they are yours. Most of them had video footage of them displaying the actions they want to distance themselves from which have circulated throughout the internet. When we talk about actions we mainly mean those that are offensive to others such as racial slurs. And in order for the reputation not to tarnish they often issue an apology whether it’s genuine or not it does question the character of that person.

We aren’t here to tell anyone how to think but people are their actions. Regardless of if they are sober or drunk, they are their actions. Understand that everyone does make mistakes but when those same mistakes are repeated it becomes intentional.
We would love to know your thoughts about this in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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