When you think chaos and equilibrium what comes to mind? You may think of disasters and calmness. All organisms go through a never-ending cycle of chaos and equilibrium. So the real question is are one or the other benefits or both? The answer is both and here is why. In life, everyone will experience “chaos” and “equilibrium”. We put these terms in quotations because they are merely social constructs and every situation can be identified under chaos or equilibrium based on perspective. Every circumstance that arises is merely just that, a circumstance. With every circumstance, there is always a lesson. As humans, we are always growing and in order for us to keep growing, we must continue learning. If you think back to any situation that seemed unpleasant there will be at least one thing you learned. If you look back on the situation that made you happy there will be at least one thing you learned. In life, everything neutralizes. So the “chaos” and “equilibrium” will neutralize. Everyone lives in duality. It is important that we recognize and appreciate both sides of life. When we become grateful for both sides our mindset about “chaos” and “equilibrium” will change and allow us to have the most expansion in our life, which is the reason we are all here. So the next time you are in a “chaotic” situation “equilibrium” will always occur because that is the balance of life.

Lots of love,
Jasmine and Phrieda


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