We often celebrate people we idolize such as celebrities or family but have you ever celebrated yourself outside of specific dates such as birthdays or anniversaries? A commemoration is all about appreciating and acknowledging yourself. Society has conditioned most that we should strive to be as perfect as those that are “more”. When we partake in that conditioning we minimize ourselves and look for others who do “more”.

Commemoration yourself is about acknowledging your current journey and process and loving every aspect of it. The three pillars of self-commemoration are appreciation, acknowledgment, and accountability. In order to truly self-commemorate, we must hold ourselves accountable that we are self-reflecting and assessing our current journey on an ongoing basis. A commemoration isn’t just for milestones and accomplishments it also about self-reflection. In order to truly love ourselves, we must be able to come to terms with every aspect of ourselves. Which means we must always be self-reflecting because it’s an ongoing process. To be commemorated by others you must be able to commemorate yourself.

A commemoration is such an important concept to be integrated into our self-care routine. We often think a celebration is about hosting parties or eating at fancy restaurants but it doesn’t have to only be those things. Commemoration within self-care is doing things that bring you into alignment. Whether it is cooking, listening to music, or watching your favorite TV show there is no limitation to self-commemoration. This can be done weekly, daily, or monthly celebration can not only make us feel good but also keep us motivated and accountable moving forward.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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