Shopping Hacks- How To Save Money Shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe_s


As mentioned before we eat a plant-based/vegan diet. We have shopped around many places where we live but prefer Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s the best. You might think how can we afford that every week? Currently, we go to school full time and work part-time so we aren’t making a full-time income. We just plan and budget what is needed for a week to week basis.  Below we will share shopping hacks we use to maximize as much we can on a budget.



  • Plan your meals: For each meal, you should plan the options you want to have during the week. For example, for breakfasts, we usually have oats, bagels, and cereal.
  • Buy frozen veggies and fruits: If you are going to cook buy frozen (preferably organic) frozen veggies and fruits. They last longer and are convenient to use when cooking.
  • Buy generic vs name brand: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have an amazing selection of private label products that don’t have many “unknown” ingredients. These private label products are usually less than the name brand and just as good!
  • Make your meals in bulk and in advance: If you are busy during the week make your meals in bulk and in advance. When meal prepping we plan to make 3 dinner meals that will be spread throughout the week. Our typical dinner meals are cashew mac and cheese, veggie pasta, and spicy broccoli rice.
  • Be on the lookout for sales: Trader Joe’s doesn’t usually have many sales but occasionally Whole Foods will have sales on certain items (non-dairy yogurts and coffee creamers). Be on the lookout for items you typically purchase that may on sale and plan accordingly.


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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