Deodorant is something everyone (hopefully) uses on a daily basis. It allows us to keep fresh when active. Have you ever thought about the ingredients in the current deodorant you use? Most of the drugstore deodorants no matter how good they smell contain very toxic ingredients. Below will be some of the harmful ingredients found in these deodorants.

  • Parabens: This ingredient is common in many makeup and skin care products. They are utilized as preservatives in these products.  Parabens disrupt the body’s hormonal balance and have been associated with breast cancer.


  • Aluminum: This ingredient is common in many drugstore deodorants. It is used to decrease the amount of sweat (blocking your sweat glands). This metal can cause gene instability in the breast tissue. It has possible links to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.



  • Phthalates: This ingredient helps with chemicals and fragrances stick to your skin. So chances are if any product you are using has any type of scent such as Dove have this chemical. This ingredient disrupts the androgen functions in the body. Many studies have linked this ingredient to lower IQ and asthma. It has not recommended for pregnant women because fetal development may be at risk.
  • Triclosan: This ingredient is used to combat bacterial contamination. It is found in antibacterial soaps, makeup, and other skin care products. Around 75% of American have Triclosan levels in their bloodstream. Animal studies have proven that it is linked to unusual hormone activity and disruption of bacterial growth in your gut. There aren’t any positive benefits to applying this chemical on your underarms.


With a majority of drugstores carrying deodorants that contain at least one of these ingredients what is the alternative? Recently there has been an influx of natural deodorant brands being sold at stores such as Walmart and Target. We personally recommend Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick or Schmidt’s Naturals Lavender + Sage (not sponsored). They are available online through Walmart and Target. Specifically, the Schmidt’s brand is available in stores at Target. The Jason line is available at health food stores like Whole Foods and Lucky’s Market.
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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