A belief is a habit of perspective. There is no “right” set of beliefs that fit everyone. We all have beliefs that are different and serve us. A way to identify core beliefs is by using the downward arrow technique. The downward arrow technique essentially is writing a belief and using arrows to identify the core belief. As you write the belief ask the question “why is that so bad?”



Wealthy people are greedy.


They scam from the poor/working class.


They allow the poor/working class to suffer.


Everyone should be equal and above anyone else.


No one should have their own ambition and submit to outer authorities.


I am not worthy to define my own limits.

 In this example, we examined the belief “rich people are bad people”. Through this example, we were able to identify the core belief that there was unworthiness in themselves.  Some beliefs make take shorter or longer to dissect and there is no definite answer to any belief.  It has been effective in our life and we hope it’s effective in yours.


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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