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For this month’s Friday Thoughts a topic we would like to discuss is inspiration vs plagiarism. In our blogging journey so far we have heard and seen other content creators blatantly use content from others and not give credit. It does not matter who they are but where is the line we draw from inspiration vs plagiarism? Any information where it is “factual” or considered a “truth” can be considered general information. An example is “we are multifaceted beings and should not be defined by social constructs.” When we utilize aspects of a specific method from a thought leader and utilize their terms and not give credit that is in fact plagiarism. An example of would Teal Swan’s Completion Process, if you wanted to discuss your experience using that method it would be important to mention whose method that is. It is also important to note that if you paraphrase their method you need to also give credit to that thought leader.

When starting an endeavor in anything it is important that we think long term. We all want what we are working to progress and grow. Rather than copying in the hopes of gaining quick traction why not put in the effort yourself? We have seen quite a few content creators getting exposed and having their reputation tarnished all because they didn’t want to be honest. With celebrities and brands taking ideas from content creatives it makes it seem normalized.

If you have been a victim of this you may have come between keeping it quiet or exposing that person. People have mentioned that exposing people on a public space is immature? We don’t think so. When you brush things off such as plagiarism it gives those doing it more of an incentive to continue. Not only do their subscribers need to know it is your responsibility to preserve your work. Your character is not defined by what you do in sight but what you do behind doors. Being passive about allegations especially like this one will protect and give power to those who will continue to copy.

If you have ever experienced someone plagiarizing your work we would love to hear how you handled it in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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