Emotions: Controlling vs Suppressing

 Emotions can be a touchy subject. For some it’s something that is considered “negative” and for some, it’s something they fully embrace. We have always heard the idea that you have to control your emotions. We agree with that but where is the line between control vs suppression? In the wellness community it has been discussed that when you experience emotions that aren’t ideal you “recenter” yourself and focus on something that’s more positive, or when you feel upset you don’t sit with those feelings focus on something better. Being able to control your emotions in any setting is important and apart of emotional intelligence, but the energy from those emotions should be channeled in something that is more effective to you. For example, if you are angry because of a situation that happens earlier rather than takes it out on others around you, channel that the energy by exercising or taking a walk in the park.  
When controlling your emotions you manage how those emotions affect with those around you.  It doesn’t mean that your emotions don’t affect you personally, it’s that you don’t take those emotions out “negatively” on other people. You use that energy from those emotions and channel it into something that can be more effective for you. When you suppress your emotions you deny your emotions and try to move past them. You never address how you are feeling and essentially “gaslight” yourself. So how can you identify when you are controlling or suppressing your emotions? Below are some the questions you should ask yourself when dealing with your emotions.


What activity have I done to help deal with the energy of my emotions?

What can I do to help ease the energy of my emotions?

Have I addressed how I am currently feeling?

Do I still feel bothered or agitated by my emotions?


It’s important to open up a discussion about emotions because it’s something that people don’t want to address because it has been seen as “weak”. The suppression of emotions causes a lot of others to go “off the edge” just to be seen and validated. Emotions are natural. They are normal. Everyone has experienced all ranges of emotions. It doesn’t make you “weak” it makes you human. Once we come terms that “feeling” and “sitting” with emotions is normal then it will make navigating in our journeys and lives that much easier.
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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