World news and events are things that bring a lot of people together. It’s also something that some people avoid. Watching world news has been associated with something that is “negative”, “not spiritual”, and “unhealthy”. Many pride themselves on the fact that they don’t watch the news or keep up with the world events happening. You shouldn’t dwell or take in the situations that happen but you shouldn’t ignore them either.

Everything is a mirror of aspects that we have within ourselves. Situations that happen are a  reflection of your conscious or subconscious specifically the disowned aspects of yourself. The things that you suppress are the disowned parts of yourself. We all at some point have or still have parts of ourselves that we suppress. These aspects take many forms and are usually expressed differently. When read or watch the news describing catastrophic events your first reaction may be to separate yourself from the situation. You may think “I can’t believe someone would do that”, judging that person. When we make these judgments not only are you separating yourself from whoever is involved, you are separating yourself from you. You disconnect from the aspects of you that are a mirror.  So how do we deal with world news? Empathy, when we see these events have empathy. Have empathy for yourself and those involved. When a judgment comes up, have empathy. When a trigger comes up, have empathy. These events are reminders of where we are as a collective. Every single person contributes to the state of the collective. World news serves as a way for reflection and observation of where we are internally and how it affects the world.


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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