365 Days Of Happiness: Book Review

We love checking out new books so when we got contacted to do a book review of 365 Days of Happiness we couldn’t pass it up. Without giving anyhting away we will write about some themes we read throughout the book.

What we loved most about this book is that its format according to days which count up to an entire year. We liked this style because it reminded us that happiness is something we truly control. There is at least one thing in each day that can turn around your mood. It’s all about focusing on what feels good in each day that can allow you to be joyful and blissful.

There is no crazy complex formula for happiness, what makes you happy may not be for someone else vice versa. Happiness is somthing that you work at each day. This book reminded us that with all things you have to work at it each day. You have to hold yourself accountable each day in order to experience joy and bliss in your life. If you are interested in getting the book you can click here.

365 Days of Happiness is by Jacqueline Pirtle who is a Reiki Master who holds many wellness certifications and travels interntaionally to teach about all things wellness. Pirtle has a blog (https://www.freakyhealer.com) where you can learn more about her work.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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