I personally have been dealing with eczema on my face and body since I was in elementary school. It was unclear how this came about because I had not gotten allergic reactions to nuts, seeds, soy, and dairy products. I have used antibiotic creams which did help with the flare ups but thinned out my skin. I would use the cream to have it “clear” and then have to use it again to tame the symptoms. I never liked using the creams because they were expensive ($60) and were unsure of the ingredients. It wasn’t until I became plant-based that my eczema started to clear up without the use of prescription creams. Eliminating all animal products from my diet and my skincare routine allowed my body to naturally clear it up. Below I wanted to share some tips on how you can tame your eczema without the use of harmful chemicals.


Tip 1: Cut dairy products.

Dairy has been commonly associated with inflammation among those with eczema. It is considered to be the second common allergy for eczema sufferers. I personally think dairy had a lot to do with the flare-ups of my eczema.


Tip 2: Avoid lotions and creams that have unrecognizable chemicals and fragrances.

Eczema is so much more than a diet problem. It has to do with your environment and all things that go on the body. Most eczema suffers if not all have sensitive skin, which means lotions and creams that have long lists of chemicals and fragrances can trigger flare-ups and rashes. When shopping for lotions avoid anything with sulfate, parabens, silicone, petroleum, phthalate, and mineral oils.


Tip 3: Consume products that have probiotics.

Most imbalances such as eczema happen because of the state of our gut. Gut health is really important and a sign that it isn’t as healthy as it should have breakouts and flare-ups. Probiotics are one of many ways to maintain a healthy gut. You can take a pill or consume foods such as yogurt.
These were the big things that helped me significantly. It’s important to note that there is no cure for eczema. While these tips have helped clear my skin, it has not healed me completely. One thing I encourage you to do while dealing with your eczema is to continually listen to your body. Things can change and what you once could tolerate can trigger body again. I still am learning new things about how my body reacts to product and environment.


Lots of love,



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