FT: January 2018

We are nearly done with the first week of the New Year! What better way to kick off the New Year than with a new blog post and monthly Friday Thoughts for this week. This month’s topic is about resolutions. A lot of people start the New Year with resolutions. Resolutions such as losing weight or getting healthy are some of the common ones we here. It is great that you want to make a decision to better your life but what happens during resolutions are that people commit maybe for the week or that month but don’t follow through. We personally don’t do resolutions because we believe that if you are truly committed to something you wouldn’t wait until a date to start. If you haven’t done something consistently and you tell others that on date “xyz” you are going to start, what makes them think you are going to commit when you haven’t in the past? This isn’t about what other people think but when you mention in the online space that you will do something when you haven’t clearly haven’t committed what makes this situation any different?

If you find yourself in these situations, take some time and reflect if this is something you truly want. If it was something that was apart of your value system, then you would be able to commit. We all aren’t perfect and there are things that you realize later that don’t resonate with your value system. If it no longer resonates reflect and reorganize the things that resonate with your value system. Anything that aligns with your values you wouldn’t need to set a time stamp to start.

Are we saying that resolutions are bad? No, if you want to set new goals and stick with them during the new year that is great! We are saying don’t limit your execution on goals until the new year. You don’t need to wait a certain date or time to invest in yourself and wellbeing.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY THOUGHTS: JANUARY 2018

  1. I totally agree with you! While I did set some goals to achieve for the new year, most of these things I was already planning and working towards before the new year. I liked reading about your opinion in the post, while I do think that sometimes the idea of the new year is the perfect opportunity for some people to make new goals for them to work towards. It doesn’t work for most, but it does work for some! Great post, really got me thinking xxx

    Melina |

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