We know this is impromptu but with all of the events, we wanted to share our perspective of how we view the situations and circumstances. To name a few there are DACA, hurricanes, and shootings.  We like to think in times of chaos how people react in these situations really speaks of their character. You don’t have to openly disclose on social media that actions you are doing it’s important to reflect on our environment.

We blog mostly about mindset and the self but it doesn’t mean we block out world events and actions happening globally. We are cohesive and connected. As collective things are shifting very quickly. It’s critical to be self-aware. People in higher leadership are making changes and decisions that may affect you. They will make decisions that won’t be in your best interest. Through it all, it’s important to recognize and also find your inner power. You will need to take full responsibility and accountability for your life.

We believe every situation has a lesson and the lesson through these events are to recognize your power and not feed into fear. Often through chaotic events fear is what those in higher leadership use to control. So what should you do when chaotic events are happening? You should recognize and understand those events and practice self-care. Whether it is taking a social media break or watching Netflix. This needs to be something that will help you stay in alignment.

This is the first post for Friday Thoughts. Let us know if this is something you liked in the comments!
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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