Personal development isn’t just about attending seminars. While they can be very effective often times it is expensive for most to attend. We do believe in investing in yourself but it doesn’t have to only be financial. Below we will feature hacks that we use that make personal development more affordable. 

 Amazon: Amazon is a great hub for buying anything especially books. We usually buy our books used (if available) as they are cheaper.

 Gaia: Gaia is a conscious streaming network that features documentaries, interviews, yoga, and masterclasses. The subscription for this $9.99 a month and we love it!

 YouTube: Most of you may know this already as you already use YouTube. We especially like using YouTube because there are seminars that are available to watch (we recommend watching Abraham Hicks seminars).

If you have any other personal development hacks we will love to read them in the comments!
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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