Rejection. This is something we all have experienced in our life. To be honest it’s  frustrating. It’s not a good feeling whether you are getting it or reciprocating it. This is something most of the world wants to avoid and drives them away from what they truly want in their lives.

As with anything we experience rejection is feedback. There are two ways we can see it, we can identify with it and dwell on it or we can use it as motivation to move forward. When you think about some of the industry leaders almost always when they share their story they have gone through rejection. For example, Jessica Alba’s company The Honest company got rejected by so many people and now is valued at more than $1 billion dollars. She discussed that the rejection she was getting made her more determined to prove others wrong and make her dreams a reality.

The aversion of rejection has a lot to do with socialization. In school, we either pass or fail and when we do something “wrong” people label us as failures or dumb. Traditional and societal values have instilled in us a fixed mindset. If we do something wrong we are labeled as such or if we do something right we are labels as such. These labels are made in order for others to “make sense” of things.

The truth about rejection or failure is that they are learning experiences. If you aren’t experiencing rejection or failure you aren’t growing. When you think about expert leaders in many niches they all have experienced rejection or failure and because of that, they are able to share their wisdom and knowledge. As Samuel Smiles says “we learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.”


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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