The term femininity in this day and age has gotten a negative connotation. It’s been associated with laziness and unmotivated, it makes modern day woman not want to be a part of that. In the span of decades, women now have more options today than ever before. With more options means different trends. One example is women attending university and being able to get high powered positions. While all of that is great, it may get overwhelming because you are using mostly your masculine traits. Those traits like logic, structure, and discipline. When you tend to lean to one side of the spectrum, it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed and stressed. As women, it is important that you make time to do activities that embrace your femininity. Activities that can embrace your intuitiveness, affection, and vulnerability. There are many activities that can activate this but below are three steps in activating your feminine energy.


3 Steps To Activating Your Feminine Energy



  • Allow yourself to feel: This is something most have a hard time expressing. The thought of expressing how you feel may be seen as ”weak”. As a woman, you are naturally emotional. Your emotions are what help guide your intuition, simply ignoring them not only makes dealing with situations worse but also block any positive energy and opportunities.
  • Tap into intuition: Practicing activities such as feeling your emotions, knowing what makes you tick will allow you to have a better understanding of yourself. This is something you will always be working on because you evolve and change.
  • Finding a creative outlet: This is the fun part. Finding activities that activate your feminine energy is how you will be able to balance your energies.



Ideally, you would want to do these activities every day but it’s understandable if that might not be realistic. The best way to implement this is to designate a couple of days a week for your activities and work your way to every day. These activities don’t have to be time-consuming, it can be as simple as a meditation (a personal favorite!). The most important thing is that these activities resonate with your values.


Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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