The terms co-creation and codependency have been used interchangeably. While these terms may have similar meanings, the differences are distinct. Co-creation emphasizes a mutual benefit for all parties. Codependency emphasizes an excess from either party. You may ask why is this so important? This is important because any fair exchange transaction comes from a place of co-creation rather than codependency. In every aspect of your lives, you are either in co-creation or codependent mode. This dictates the quality of your life and others that are in your circle.

Codependent tendencies often stem from traumatic experiences. It involves the self and a particular void. When something drastic happens in your life, the first thing you do is to seek an action that can help fill that void. That may be through food, people, or work. When you are in that state you give those actions more power and agency to dictate your life rather than hold yourself accountable. The perfect example of this is those who are addicted to drugs such as opioids. They rely on that to fill a void and give them the answers on how to deal with their struggles. Those things strip the individual of motivation, drive, and purpose because they give every waking attention to that void. In order to truly overcome those struggles, you must make a psychological and mental transformation. Through this transformation, you will be operating in co-creation mode.
Co-creation embraces neutrality, curiosity, desire, and positive emotions as the proper tools for creating the life you love right now.” – Shelley Poovey



Co-creation is all about taking a balanced approach to any outcome. It involves the self and a higher power. It’s making equal efforts that make all parties in your circle “better off”. It’s important to understand that not everything you do whether “good or bad’” will always make everyone better off. We are discussing this in the context of the self and what’s important to the self. In the context of the drug-addicted individual, the benefit of being in co-creation rather than codependency provides more benefit for themselves but not for others such as their dealer. Being in a co-creation mode doesn’t mean that everything will be positive, it embraces the feedback that is given through your efforts. Feedback whether positive or negative can be beneficial if you embrace and learn from it.
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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