We recently took a personality test that shows what personality type we are. The results we got were pretty accurate and will the personality type and the characteristics that go with that personality. Here are the results below:

Jasmine: INTJ

INTJ’s tend to be intelligent and intuitive. Only 0.8% of women identify with this personality type making it one of the rarest. These females often smash “gender stereotypes”. They are lifelong learners and love improving themselves. They are knowledgeable. They are very introverted so they need time alone to recharge and enjoy quiet places. They value authenticity so they keep their circle small. They don’t give so much of themselves away to others.

Phrieda: INFJ

INFJ’s  are intelligent. Only 2% of the overall population identify with this personality types making it one of the rarest. They are private and independent. They are creative. They are knowledgeable. They are introverted and prefer quiet spaces. They like to help others.

When getting these results were not surprised at all. Though we got different personality types they are very similar. We thought they were pretty accurate! We took the personality test here. We would love to know yours in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda


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