During this time we have made it a priority to give through mutual aid, local organizations, little libraries, and pantries. We wanted to create a post that can house ways for you to get involved. Between COVID and life it is difficult to volunteer in person. The good news is there are many ways you can help. Below are ways you can get involved.

Mutual Aid and Community Fridges:  During this time a lot of mutual aids and community fridges have popped up nationally to help aid those in need. We have inserted a website that links different mutual aids/community fridges nationally that you can contact to volunteer or donate. If you plan on donating items to community fridges we recommend buying items such as self stable non dairy milk, oatmeal, pasta, cookies, and cereal. For mutual aid we recommend blankets, socks, gloves, and other things that can keep people warm. 

Food Banks: There has been a huge demand for food banks during this time. We have attached the link to Feeding America where you can locate the nearest food bank near you to donate. Every dollar donated helps provide 10 meals. 

Little Libraries: We have seen a couple little libraries pop up around our area and with alot of us spending more time at home it’s an opportunity to read more books. If you are interested in having a little library outside your home we have provided a link with more information. We have gotten some used books on Amazon and have donated to one of the libraries in our neighborhood.

Kiva: Kiva is a platform where you can lend money to entrepreneurs and small business owners globally. Loans start as little as $25 and are a great way to help people provide for themselves and families. 

DonorsChoose: DonorsChoose is a platform where you can support teachers with supplies for their projects and classrooms. 

These are a couple of ways you can give back during this time. You don’t have to be a public figure or celebrity to give back. You don’t need to have a title. It’s something that can be incorporated on a “every day” level. 

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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