Fair Trade Favorites SC


World Fair Trade Day is on May 12, 2018.  Fair trade products are products that center around empowerment of producers, suppliers, and workers by creating safe working conditions and fair compensation of its workers while promoting sustainability for those communities. We buy fair trade products when we can meaning whatever product we need, we try to look for a brand that is fair trade certified. Purchasing fair trade is important to us because we believe workers especially third world workers deserve to have adequate working conditions and fair pay to sustain themselves and their communities. Fair trade certified products are usually more expensive than conventional products but it is worth it to purchase knowing it is helping someone. The featured retailers of fair trade certified products are Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (which happen to be our favorite stores). Below we will share our favorite fair trade brands and products.


  • Allegro Coffee: This is one of our favorite coffee brands. They sell their products exclusively at Whole Foods. Our favorite roast is Organic Mexico.
  • Dr. Bonner’s: Their pure Castille bar soaps are amazing! They are great for anyone who has sensitive skin or skin problems such as eczema. These are available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Target.
  • Frontier Co-op: We have the Indian Curry Seasoning. Sweet Basil Leaf and Herbs of Italy. We love these seasonings in soups and curries during the winter. These are available at Whole Foods.
  • NadaMoo!: This is our favorite vegan ice brand. We love that it’s organic and gluten-free. The ingredients are very clean which we appreciate a lot! The flavor we buy the most is Vanilla Ahhh but looking forward to trying their newest flavors! NadaMoo is available at Whole Foods.

We would love to know some of your favorite fair trade products in the comments below!
Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda

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