In March we visited Chicago for the weekend. We stayed for a day and drove back on Sunday. This was a spontaneous trip and we always wanted to visit so we road tripped to Chicago with our brother. The drive to Chicago was about 6 hours. The first place we visited was The Chicago Diner, we heard that the vegan food there was amazing and that they had award winning vegan milkshakes as well!

The next place we visited was the famous Magic Bean. This was the most popular place we visited. When we visited this area there were tons of people waiting to take pictures. We took a picture in front of it as well.

After taking typical tourist pictures we walked around the shops on Magnificent Mile. We stayed at a hotel on Magnificent Mile so we would be able to walk to the different shops without driving because parking was expensive. Later in the evening, we ate at another famous place Pizzeria Uno. This pizza place was where deep-dish pizza was created in 1943. The food was great and was able to be made vegan.

Overall we loved visiting Chicago. The people were friendly and will be looking forward to visiting again sometime in the future.

Lots of love,

Jasmine and Phrieda



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